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February 15, 2020

Pantry Organization Guide

Organizing your pantry seems like a daunting task, but will instantly save you time looking for that one ingredient you need for dinner, or finding your kids a snack!

The first step of organizing your pantry is taking everything out & declutter. Expired goods? Toss them out! Now is the perfect time to rid your pantry of any expires items, or donate items you know you won’t eat. Wipe down all surfaces inside the pantry while it’s empty! Any all purpose cleaner or Clorox wipe can get the job done. To know what food to toss and what food to donate, reference this guide from Feeding America.

Start by grouping together like items (i.e all different types of pastas & dry goods like rice), cereal, etc. This will help while deciding what organizational storage units you’ll want to purchase, and what you won’t need. Decide whether you want to keep your items in their original packaging, or purchase canisters or other storage items. We recommend storing cereal and other dry goods like flour or sugar in jars like these for easy access! Be sure to label what’s in each container so you don’t forget! You can find great peel & stick labels from Etsy that you can customize yourself!

For items you want to keep in original packaging there are multiple different basket & bin options to store, like these from Amazon. There are also great options to store cans in a more efficient way for all of your soups & canned veggies  here.