Our Story
In 2013, our co-founders, Venkatesh and Niraj, were struck by the gap in the market to truly help homeowners with one of the most stressful times in their lives.

The dreaded move.

Meanwhile, well-meaning real estate agents and their partner brokerage firms are struggling to continue to serve their customers. Which is worse for the client, and repeat business.

Enter MoveEasy. A comprehensive, all-in-one, home moving and management dashboard. That supports the consumer with a human concierge and is free for a lifetime. While simultaneously offering the brokerage firms the ability to automate engagement, increase repeat customers and grow ancillary revenue.

In addition, MoveEasy's passion for the home front doesn't stop with the homeowners, and brokerages, it continues to those with no home. And has birthed a mission to help fight homeless nationwide. Comprehensive.
Our Mission

Take all the overwhelming and stressful moments of being a homeowner and make them easy through technology and the support of a personal assistant

Our Vision

To empower and support every homeowner to help make them feel at home

Core Values

Communicate with Transparency & Integrity

Communicate often and communicate everything. Do what you say & do the right thing.

Create Meaningful Relationships

Surprise and delight every time! Not just clients but colleagues as well. Build lifetime relationships

Your Voice Matters

Create an inclusive culture where everyone's voice is heard. Be open to sharing & receiving feedback

Grow Together

Do not work in silos. Do your part and help the other person become better. Share your learnings

Chase Excellence

Focus on solutions and go the extra mile. Take ownership. Be diligent and finish what you started

Be Humble

Be grateful, not arrogant. Don't forget what got us here. Don't forget those who are less fortunate.

Our Leadership Team

Venkatesh Ganapathy


Niraj Patel


Travis Bailey

VP Strategic Partnership

Arun Sengottiyan

Head of Engineering

Kathie Allen

VP Special Projects

Brian Graff

VP Sales Operations

Jerome Manuel

VP Marketing

Mike Papaleonardas 

VP Customer Service

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