The biggest names in real estate trust MoveEasy because:
Everything for your Home in one Place

Manage everything they need to move in a single place: Insurance, Moving, Internet & Cable, Utility Transfers, Home Security, Access to service providers for mortgage, cleaning, and much more.

Real Life Concierge

Never manage your home or move alone again. Your human concierge is available for free for a lifetime as you continue to manage your home, look for deals and keep up with the day-to-day.

Access to the best brands

100s of the best brands for your moving service, home internet, security, utilities, cable and more. Not just accessible during the move, but after as well as you continue to negotiate and manage.

Real Estate Services

We connect you with core real estate services including ones offered by the real estate brokerage. 


Home Insurance


Home Warranty

Ever been overwhelmed about keeping up with the seemingly endless stacks of papers and critical documentation that comes with buying a home? Let's put it all in one place so you never have to wonder about it again.

Moving Services

Then the real fun begins. We will help you plan all of the details of your move from moving services to turning on all the key home services you need all from one place with your assistants help.

Utility Providers

Moving Service

Internet + Cable

Home Security

Never handle moving alone again, it's way too stressful. We're here to help.

After the Move

Saving You Money and Time for a Lifetime

Homeownership can be pretty lonely when it comes to the day-to-day ongoing needs of keeping your house well managed. Your personal assistant is always there to help and your dashboard keeps everything organized for you.

Timely Reminders

The platform will remind you of maintenance and home tips to keep you up to speed

Home Management

Access to your real estate agent's or brokerage's recommended home pros to get work done you need.

On-Going Savings

Our team continues to find savings for you on things like internet, insurance and energy.

Increase The Value Of Your Home

Understand the value of your largest asset and make decisions with the help of your homeowner dashboard tools.

Home Valuation

Periodically check and track the value of your home

Home Equity

Monitor the growth of your home equity and see what you can potentially do with your equity

Home Projects

Explore home project to help increase the value of your home and find the best loan interest rates for your big home projects

Your Personal Concierge

Moving and home projects can be an overwhelming and stressful time. With your dedicated personal assistant, you'll have a professional that will be there along every step of your homeownership journey, making you feel at home in the home of your dreams.


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Absolutely a professional and positive experience! He made a potentially difficult process a productive and fun experience! He was thorough and left no stones unturned. Thanks you for all your patience in answering our many questions. Thank you!

Linda B.

Extremely knowledgeable, helpful, anticipated question we had and needed to ask, saved us money, pleasant, and relieved much anxiety in this life-changing move. We wish everyone had the benefit of experiencing his expertise.

Greta C.

This service saved me so much stress from the process I am in with moving to another state! So easy and provided me a lot of security for my new home! They did an awesome job, I am very thankful!

Tara H.