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January 15, 2020

How To Determine The Best Cable & Internet Provider

Your cable & internet connection is not something you typically think about, until it stops working. With so much of our lives now becoming digital, it is important to determine the key features you are looking for in your service to then align on the best provider for you & your family!

Your Internet Speed Need

Working from home, streaming while you game, or multiple devices in your home? You may want a faster option for optimal performance. Just casually browsing, and online shopping? A slower option may be the right one for you. The tips below may help you determine what speed will suit your home best. We will be utilizing MBPS (megabits per second), which is a measure of speed & data transfer via internet, and what the majority of company’s utilize to measure & quote their internet speed.

Casual Browsing/General Web Use: 1MPBS

Online Gaming + Streaming: 3 MPBS

This is the ideal speed for most online games. Keep in mind, this may need to increase to 4-5 MPBS depending on how many gamers you have in your household.

Online gaming on a computer v. on a gaming console will likely need more MPBS.

Video Chatting + Working From Home: 4MPBS

This will not only help with the speed of your video conference, but the quality of your video as well.

Video Streaming: 3-8 MPBS

The definition of the content you are streaming will directly affect the MPBS you will need. If streaming low-def content, 3-4 is a better range, but if streaming high-def 5-8 is more ideal.

Your Television Preferences:

Similarly with your internet bandwidth, you will want to assess what you are specifically using your cable TV for.

Consider Your Streaming Services: If you are already subscribed to Netflix, Hulu, or a different on-demand streaming platform, consider what cable offers that your on demand streaming service is not providing. We have also laid out what each on-demand streaming service is best for.

Netflix: Netflix original series (such as Stranger Things) & overall quality in streaming with lack of lagging and picture quality. $12.99/mo

Hulu: Houses the most highly rated television shows & movies, Hulu also offers a Hulu Live option to stream live television. $11.99/mo

Amazon Prime: The most varied in TV & movie selection (over 20K), with the added bonus of Amazon Prime expedited delivery services. $12.99/mo

HBO Go: Free with an HBO subscription through your cable provider, ideal for those who specifically love HBO shows like Game of Thrones. $14.99/mo, or free with your HBO subscription.

Disney +: Ideal for homes with children, Disney + offers a library of all animated & non animated Disney movies, Marvel, Star Wars, and Disney channel shows & original movies. $6.99/mo.

Determine What You’re Looking For:

Catching up on the news, or watching network TV Shows? A more basic package may be a better fit for you and your family. Love to binge Game of Thrones, or follow your favorite sports team every week? A more advanced cable package could be a better fit. Different providers will offer different levels of cable, however what is included in each package is relatively the same.

Basic Cable: will include news channels, basic sports channels, and other network channels (i.e Bravo, TNT, The History Channel).

This is ideal for someone who likely already is using a streaming service, does not watch reoccurring shows on specialty channels, and does not follow specific sport leagues.

Standard Cable: will include basic cable channels, as well as channels like HBO, Showtime & a wider offering of sports coverage. This will likely have a better offering of high def channels as well.

Premium Cable: would include the top tier of all channels (i.e NFL Redzone, Starz, etc.), but would also be the most expensive cable offering.

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