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October 5, 2022

Behind the Scenes with Move Easy’s Concierge Team - A Day in the Life of MoveEasy's Industry Leading Concierge Team

To build client loyalty and referrals, real estate agents need to stay connected and deliver value to clients year after year, regardless of where they are in their homeownership journey. But doing this is easier said than done – with just 12% of clients choosing to work with the same agent again.

Solving this problem is the reason we founded MoveEasy and launched our industry-leading concierge service – helping homeowners to effortlessly manage all their moving and home management needs.

In this part one of our series, we go behind the scenes with MoveEasy’s concierge team to hear more about their average day and some of the top challenges they help homeowners with.

Going above and beyond to deliver clients value

MoveEasy first launched its concierge service in 2017, providing real estate partners with a dedicated personal assistant to help their clients move. Fast forward to today and we’ve expanded our platform and concierge service to help clients manage every phase of their homeownership journey from their initial home setup to improvements they want to make longer term.

So what is an average day for our concierge team like? As senior concierge Andrew Pritchard shares, the MoveEasy team “spends its time everyday saving people money and taking stress off their plate” regardless of whether they’re moving for the first time, or fixing up a house they’ve lived in ten years and are getting ready to sell.  

“A normal day for the concierge team starts with checking on any urgent needs homeowners have” notes Pritchard. “We then start our calls with clients, giving them a half an hour, whatever they need to work through all their needs.”

Making the moving process seamless for homeowners

Moving into a new home can be daunting for clients. Homeowners often have busy schedules – working full-time jobs on top of taking care of kids – with limited time to manage all the details related to moving or setting up their new home.

“One of the most common challenges we see with clients during the moving process is not knowing where to start,” explains Pritchard. “There's a lot of information being thrown at them and people reaching out. It's hard to know who you can trust. So it's extremely helpful to have someone from their real estate brokerage helping them.”

As Alecia Fusco on the concierge team shares, “it's often not the task itself, but the emotion that comes with juggling all the details that can feel stressful for homeowners. Even if the client is excited to move into a bigger house, the amount of change and details to manage with a new home can feel overwhelming.”

“One of the biggest areas of value we deliver homeowners is taking care of most of their needs all on a 30 minute call,” shares MoveEasy concierge Matt Brownfield. “Rather than homeowners having to bounce between different providers for utilities, Internet or movers, we handle all of that in one call, saving them time and money.”

Delivering value beyond the move

Providing clients with a dedicated personal assistant along with MoveEasy’s homeowner dashboard has made a dramatic impact for clients. It’s also a huge differentiator for agents – keeping client relationships fresh long after they have left the closing table. 

“The dashboard helps clients to coordinate everything we've helped them with in concierge appointments, from movers to utilities, Internet, home insurance as well as home professional requests like contractors and lawn care,” shares Pritchard. “Clients no longer have to spend time on the Internet researching stuff or looking back through emails. It's all in one place on the dashboard, so they can reference it immediately.”

In addition to helping clients find the best deal on home related services, the team is constantly problem solving with homeowners, whether it's tracking down the right contractors to help them with home improvement projects, converting their home to solar, or updating their home security system.

“I enjoy helping people overcome challenges and the problem solving aspects of my job,” shares Zane Humoui, a Sales Manager who also worked on the concierge team. “At MoveEasy, we are constantly looking for ways to save clients time and money and we’re there with them every step of the way.”

“One of the most common tasks the concierge team helps clients with is setting up cable and Internet service or other home services. It’s confusing and people want to make sure they're locking in the best rates possible,” said Pritchard. “We have an entire team of people who are trained on how to help diagnose how people sign up for those services and make sure it's in the home on time.”

Meet others from the MoveEasy Concierge team by visiting our YouTube page.

In part two of our series, we’ll take a closer look at MoveEasy’s commitment to service and how the tireless work by our concierge team has led to a 97% client satisfaction rating.