February 1, 2023

Inside The Homeowner's Journey - Helping homeowners increase the value of their home over time

Owning a home takes a lot of work, but can pay off immensely for clients over time as they build up equity. How much a home increases in value depends on a number of different factors including the location of the property, housing market trends and the overall economy. That said, homeowners can also dramatically increase the value of their home over time by making upgrades and improvements.

Real estate agents have an opportunity to act as a trusted advisor for clients, providing them with ongoing ideas for improving the value of their home. But staying top of mind over the years is easier said than done. Most agents stay connected with clients in the first 1 or 2 years after the purchase of their new home, but gradually lose touch after that.

Here in part three of our Inside the Homeowner Journey blog series, we explore several ways real estate agents can help clients to increase the value of their home over time.

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Help clients stay on top of home maintenance. 

While it sounds simple, ongoing home maintenance and upkeep is a huge factor in protecting a client’s investment and building equity. MoveEasy helps homeowners stay on top of all the home maintenance and updates they need to make, as well as managing their ongoing subscriptions in one place.

Increasing home value and equity for clients

Every homeowner wants to increase the value of their home, but which improvements are worth the cost and will deliver the greatest return on investment? Based on MoveEasy’s experience working with thousands of homeowners, here are examples of home improvement projects that deliver strong ROI:

  • Refinishing hardwood floors
  • Replacing roof
  • Upgrading home to solar
  • Converting a basement or attic to a living area
  • Kitchen renovation or upgrade
  • Bathroom renovation or addition
  • New primary bedroom addition

MoveEasy’s dashboard and concierge team provides homeowners with a simple and effective way to maintain their home, while also making progress on the home improvement projects and updates that are most important to them. Homeowners can discover, compare and shop contractors and service providers across categories, apply exclusive discounts, and take next steps with the help of our concierge team – available 24/7 via phone or text.

Understanding the impact of every project on home valuation

With MoveEasy’s new home valuation tool, homeowners can immediately see the impact that home innovations or improvements will have on the value of their home. Ready to replace your roof? MoveEasy allows homeowners to plan the entire project, while also identifying other related areas where they may be able to save money such as lower home insurance.

A cost of living and affordability calculator allows clients to see the estimated mortgage and monthly expenses for each property they own, and compare the price difference for cable and internet, energy, utilities, transportation, groceries, restaurants, and more.

A monthly savings and project planner gives clients new insights into how much a home improvement project such as a kitchen remodel, new HVAC system, or upgrading to solar energy will cost. In addition, agents can surface exclusive savings and insights for clients related to any project.

A home equity planning tool also provides clients with a holistic view of their current equity. Homeowners can see a snapshot of their pending loan amounts alongside their monthly expenses to better gauge their options to qualify for a HELOC loan to make home updates or buy a vacation home or rental. 

By providing clients with a one-stop shop for all services involved in homeownership, and surfacing ideas to improve home equity while saving money, agents can truly stand out and stay top of mind – drastically increasing loyalty and referrals.

In part four of our Inside the homeowner journey series, we discuss how agents can deliver even more value to their clients throughout the process of selling and buying their new home.

Inside The Homeowner's Journey - Helping homeowners increase the value of their home over time

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