October 4, 2022

Inside The Homeowner's Journey - Helping clients move and settle into their new home

Let’s face it. Moving into a new home is one of life’s most exciting and stressful moments. It can also be exhausting for clients with a long list of home related updates and tasks to complete in a short amount of time.

While most real estate agents will stay in touch with clients throughout their move, and provide referrals to contractors or service providers, this is often hit or miss. As the months go by, many agents begin to lose touch with their past clients. Case in point, just 12% of homeowners work with the same agent again.

Solving for this challenge is the reason we founded MoveEasy: to simplify moving and home management and provide real estate partners with a comprehensive solution to deliver value to clients regardless of where they are in their journey as homeowners.

In this four-part blog series, we take a closer look at the homeownership journey in phases:

Part 1: Helping clients move and settle into their new home (this post)

Part 2: Delivering value to clients and most common projects in years 1-3

Part 3: Helping homeowners increase the value of their home over time

Part 4: Helping homeowners in the process of finding their next home

Ensuring the moving process goes smoothly

For homeowners moving into a new home, having an organized checklist and automated way to manage all their home management needs is a big deal. To provide differentiated service, real estate agents need a proactive and personalized approach to help clients get organized and make their move-in process go smoothly.

MoveEasy is purpose-built with this need in mind. Our concierge team helps clients manage all the details of moving into their new home from filing a change of address to helping them save money on services. Common tasks pre-move include:

  • Hiring a moving service. The MoveEasy concierge team helps homeowners hire a top tier moving company or another DIY moving option based on the size of the move, while also ensuring they get the best available rate. We also recommend that clients do a pre-move walk through their new house while it’s empty. This gives homeowners a blank canvas and the opportunity to plan where they would like the furniture and other belongings to go, as well as plan for any initial home repairs or updates they want to make such as buying new appliances or lighting, which our team can also assist with.
  • Setting up utilities and connectivity. Our concierge team helps homeowners set up their utilities (electricity, gas, water, garbage and recycling service) prior to their move-in date, while also helping them to choose the right cable and internet plan based on their specific needs (ideal budget, cable bundle with channels they want, desired Internet speed, etc.).
  • Initial cleaning, painting, or other pre-move updates. There’s no better time to get your home sparkling clean or painted than when it’s totally empty. MoveEasy can help homeowners find a cleaning or painting company, as well as coordinate other services such as hiring a locksmith to rekey locks or a handyman to help with initial repairs.
  • Purchasing homeowners insurance: Getting homeowners insurance sounds simple, but there are a lot of details to consider. Clients want to get the best policy at a competitive price – but comparison shopping is time-consuming. MoveEasy dashboard helps homeowners find the right policy for them with direct integration with dozens of insurance providers. Clients can easily compare quotes from insurance companies and purchase via the MoveEasy dashboard.

The first 90 days

For many real estate agents, they begin to lose touch with clients in the weeks following their initial move, when in fact, the first 90 days is a critical period to stay connected and deliver value to clients, leading to valuable referrals.

With direct integration with hundreds of service providers across categories, MoveEasy’s homeowner dashboard provides homeowners with everything they need to manage their home, comparison shop, and apply exclusive discounts. 

Based on our experience working with thousands of homeowners, here are some of the most common areas that clients need help in the first 90 days of homeownership:

  • Initial home repairs and updates. In addition to painting the home inside and out, common projects in the first 90 days include carpet and hardwood floor cleaning, landscaping, HVAC system or plumbing updates, buying new appliances, and more. MoveEasy’s dashboard provides homeowners with access to a growing marketplace of service providers and contractors across categories to be able to handle all of these updates in one place, while applying ongoing discounts.
  • Setting up home security. It’s important that clients feel safe in their new home. This means different things to different people, but most homeowners today want to set up a home security system. Our concierge team has specialists on staff who are well versed in home security and can go over all the options with clients to set up exactly what they need whether that’s a home alarm or smart doorbell with motion detectors and cameras. And given MoveEasy’s partnerships with top home security companies, we are able to offer clients the best deals in the industry, unmatched by competitors.
  • Choosing the right home warranty: Home warranty coverage can minimize the expense of fixing appliances or replacing big-ticket items. MoveEasy allows homeowners to choose the right home warranty to save them money, avoiding surprises or hidden costs when it comes to repairs, replacements, and upgrades.

There’s a lot for clients to juggle during the moving process and the first 90 days of homeownership. Real estate agents that are able to anticipate their client's needs and deliver consistent value stand out – leading to much stronger loyalty and referrals. 

MoveEasy’s concierge platform helps homeowners effortlessly manage all their key moving and home management transactions from one easy-to-use system. The platform is also white-labeled for real estate partners’ brands and customizable for the experience they want to offer clients. 

In part two of our Inside the homeowner journey series, we take a closer look at the most common projects for homeowners in years 1-3 and how real estate agents can deliver value.

Inside The Homeowner's Journey - Helping clients move and settle into their new home

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