December 8, 2022

Behind the Scenes with MoveEasy COO & Co-founder Niraj Patel on Developing the Ultimate Home Management Platform

Exciting news for the MoveEasy team this week.

As reported by Inman and The Columbus Business Journal, MoveEasy has raised $7 million in Series A funding, led by Moderne Ventures with a strategic investment by The Travelers Companies, Inc.

When Venkatesh Ganapathy first reached out to me with the idea to launch MoveEasy, a moving and homeowner concierge service, I knew it was a winning idea. But like anything worth doing in life, success takes hard work and a lot of perseverance.

Shortly after Venkatesh had sketched out the idea for the company in 2014, we had a series of brainstorming sessions to define what MoveEasy would be and what problems we would solve for. Before long, we had hired our first team members and began building the platform.

Fast forward to today and MoveEasy has grown to become the leading home management platform and concierge service in the U.S. with 130,000 real estate agents using the platform, representing more than a million homeowners.

Evolving our platform

When we built our first product, the core focus was on connecting homeowners with moving companies and other services they would need to set up their new home. Building on that, we rapidly expanded into new categories, providing homeowners with a completely automated way to handle all their home management needs – regardless of where they are in their journey  – buying, selling, or updating their existing home. 

Today homeowners can use MoveEasy’s dashboard and app to compare service providers across categories including home insurance, internet and cable, home protection, energy, utilities, solar, and home improvement. Our savings monitoring tool also automatically searches for the best prices, saving users time and thousands of dollars. 

Clients can also apply for new loans or refinance through the platform, instantly check their home value, budget for home-related expenses, and see how every home update they make improves their home equity over time.

Listening to homeowners to better personalize the experience

A big part of our journey in building MoveEasy has been listening to consumers and our partners to constantly improve the platform and personalize the experience. Every month our concierge team helps thousands of homeowners. We learn from every one of those interactions to be able to surface better insights and recommendations for homeowners.

A great example is our intuitive alerts. MoveEasy will automatically surface related areas where homeowners can save money based on their recent home projects. For example, if a client replaces their roof, MoveEasy will flag savings on related services they homeowner may want to consider such as a home warranty or rebate on making the switch to solar energy, while also showing them exactly how much they can save.

Helping partners to deliver more value

As I discussed in my last post, MoveEasy is a white-labeled platform designed to deliver continuous value to clients across every phase of their homeownership journey.  For brokerages, MoveEasy directly integrates with their core services. 

Every client is provided with a home management platform and app that is customized and updated in real-time based on their latest activity. Brokerages can feature their preferred network of partners such as contractors, mortgage or insurance providers. Brokerages and agents can also create custom email marketing campaigns, fully branded, with their company’s color scheme and logo. This allows them to nurture every relationship and stay front and center with clients.

Why this matters

To date, information and data on the homeowner journey has been locked up in silos, spread out across disparate systems. With no easy way to customize the client experience at scale, real estate agents often end up using the same playbook - relying on mass emails, direct mail and drip marketing to stay in touch with past clients. 

The hard truth is that clients will look elsewhere when considering their next home purchase, unless they have a unique reason to come back to an agent that demonstrates continued value.

MoveEasy solves these challenges, bringing every system related to home management together in one platform – providing agents with the tools and insights they need to personalize the experience and deliver value to clients in the moment. Agents can automate communications, share timely reminders on home-related tasks, and surface insights and exclusive discounts for service providers across categories.

As we grow, we will continue to expand the value MoveEasy delivers homeowners – from the introduction of new features to direct integrations to empower our partners in new ways.

--Niraj Patel, COO & Co-founder

Behind the Scenes with MoveEasy COO & Co-founder Niraj Patel on Developing the Ultimate Home Management Platform

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