October 12, 2022

Personalizing The Client Experience: A Closer Look at MoveEasy’s Customization Features for Brokers and Agents

Personalization has been a focus in the real estate industry for years, but the reality is agents have struggled to deliver a customized experience to clients after they leave the closing table, or inspire long-term loyalty.

With new client acquisition costs at an all-time high, client loyalty efforts have never been more important. And yet, the real estate industry continues to have a loyalty gap - with just 12% of homeowners choosing to work with the same agent again.

Our vision at MoveEasy is to overcome these challenges. After years of hard work by our team, we have developed a fully integrated, white-labeled home management platform that allows brokers and agents to personalize the experience for clients across every phase of their homeowner journey

In this post, I’ll share my perspective on why personalization matters, some of the gaps that have existed in the real estate industry to date, and the latest features MoveEasy offers agents and brokers to customize the experience with clients.

Why personalization matters

Research shows that the vast majority of people prefer brands that can recommend or automatically surface products, services, or offers that are tailored to their individual preferences. According to a recent study, 70% of consumers say that a company’s understanding of their personal needs directly influences their loyalty. Another survey found that 93% of customers will come back to buy from a brand again if their previous experience was excellent.

Do these stats translate to the real estate industry? The short answer is yes, they can. But only if brokerages and agents find a way to deliver consistent value to clients in between home purchases, which on average happen every 5-7 years. 

Agents can no longer afford to use the same playbook as their competitors, relying on mass emails, direct mail, and drip marketing to clients. They have to get closer to each individual client’s homeowner journey to be able to deliver unique value.

Delivering a new level of customization to brokers and agents

Enter MoveEasy. Our white-labeled platform is designed to deliver continuous value to clients across every phase of their homeownership journey. From timely reminders to exclusive discounts, real estate partners can provide clients with a truly differentiated and personalized experience, leading to stronger engagement, retention and referrals.

For brokerages, MoveEasy directly integrates with their core services. Every client is provided with a home management platform and app that is customized and updated in real-time based on their latest activity. Brokerages can feature their preferred network of partners such as contractors, mortgage, insurance, or home warranty providers.  

Brokerages can also create custom email marketing campaigns, fully branded, with their company’s color scheme and logo. This allows them to nurture every relationship and stay front and center with clients, regardless of whether they are buying, selling, moving, or making improvements to their home.

Every client is also provided with a dedicated human concierge - available via phone, text or email to help with any moving or home management request. No other solution provides this level of service or branding.

For agents, MoveEasy provides real estate agents with an invaluable tool to build deeper relationships with clients – creating natural touchpoints to engage and deliver value week in and week out.

Agents can automate and personalize communications across their entire sphere of influence, as well as share timely reminders for home related services such as lawn care, updating air filters, renewing subscriptions, and other tasks. To personalize the experience for clients even further, agents can also edit their list of preferred vendors and provide discounts to clients, becoming local experts in the process.

The moment a client or prospect’s status changes, whether they are looking to buy a home, schedule a moving service, or start on a major remodel (to potentially sell their home), agents can instantly see the activity within MoveEasy.

These insights allow agents to personalize messages and communicate with clients at the right moments with invaluable context around their latest activity.

For homeowners, MoveEasy is the ultimate platform for all things home. 

The MoveEasy dashboard, app, and personal assistant provides clients with a completely customized experience by anticipating every decision they need to make as homeowners.

For example, if a client is moving into a new home, MoveEasy will provide a real-time checklist, helping them to manage every step - from scheduling a moving service to setting up their utilities. If a client is planning a major home renovation, MoveEasy will not only connect them with preferred vendors or contractors recommended by their broker or agent, but also surface other related services such as pre-qualifying for a HELOC loan.

Homeowners can compare hundreds of service providers across categories including home insurance, internet and cable, home protection, energy, utilities, solar, and home improvement. MoveEasy’s savings monitoring tool also constantly searches for the best prices, helping clients to save money or avoid overpaying.

In addition to personalized checklists, MoveEasy helps clients stay up to date on home maintenance with timely reminders on home-related tasks, while also surfacing insights and exclusive discounts for service providers across categories. With every interaction, MoveEasy customizes the homeowner’s dashboard to reflect the latest activity and progress. Even better, clients can see a holistic view of how every home update they make improves their home value and equity. 

A 360 project planner gives clients new insights into how much a home improvement project such as a kitchen remodel, new HVAC system, or upgrading to solar energy will cost, while also providing them with financing options. 

The platform will also intuitively surface other areas where homeowners can save money based on their recent home projects. For example, if a client replaces their roof, MoveEasy will automatically surface savings on related services such as home insurance. 

From end to end, MoveEasy’s platform is completely integrated with real estate partners, allowing brokerages and agents to deliver a seamless experience that is personalized for every client, while reinforcing their brand value with unique offers, insights, and branded communications.

-- Niraj Patel, COO & Co-founder

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Personalizing The Client Experience: A Closer Look at MoveEasy’s Customization Features for Brokers and Agents

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