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Tips to Make a New House Feel Like Home

Moving into a new place can be exciting but it also comes with its challenges. The first challenges that may come to mind are: how to choose a moving company, changing addresses, utilities, etc. All of which Move Easy can help eliminate stress along the way. A dilemma that may not arise until you’ve settled into your new place is how to make it feel more like a home. It’s a foreign space and it should be an oasis that makes even the worst days seem okay. Here are some helpful tips to make the transition of your new house into a welcoming home.

Hook Up Cable/Internet
This generation gets a bad rep for being so dependent on technology, but these are the times we live in my friends. Let’s face it; you don’t need to pay extra for data this month on top of buying a new place. Having some background noise while unpacking makes a home feel less vacant. Stream a new comedy podcast, listen to music or have the Price is Right on in the background because let’s be honest, it’s everyone’s guilty pleasure.

Cook a Meal
Going grocery shopping is an exasperating task regardless of moving into a new house or not. People so often rely on ordering pizza or takeout when they move. Even if it’s a simple recipe like spaghetti, taking the time to sit down with your family in between all the chaos will really help ease the process. Especially if you have little ones that are a bit timid about the move, this will stimulate a “homey feeling” and could speed up their acceptance. If you do end up ordering pizza, sit down with the family and talk about anything other than the move.

Make it Smell Nice
Whether you prefer a wall plug-in or the candle you refused to throwaway before the move because it has at least one inch of wax left to burn, use them! Nothing makes a home feel more welcoming than a familiar, warm scent.

Lamps > Overhead lights
Pre-installed overhead lights can be a bit harsh. Spread lamps around the house near a reading chair or in a foyer to control the amount of light in a room. Lamps usually emit less light than overheads and produce a yellow-tinted shade rather than a bright white light. Dimmer lights will make your place feel serene and snug.

Don’t Be Afraid to AddDark Colors
Joanna Gaines may not approve of this tip because of her love for white, but add some dark pops of color. Dark shades make a room feel smaller, thus feeling cozier. If you have light colored furniture, add some bold accent pillows. If your walls are white, choose a deeper shade for the curtains. Not only does it make your new place feel warmer, they hide stains better. Killing two birds with one stone, right?

Walk Your Dog
Rediscovering what is local can be a bit stressful. Walking your dog (or cat, no judgment) will help you become more familiar with what is near you in your new neighborhood. It’s an easy way to take a much-needed break and your pet will thank you. Plus, having a partner in crime when meeting your neighbors for the first time doesn’t hurt.

Invite Guests Over
Last but not least, invite family and friends over. You probably want your home to be in pristine condition before guests see it,but you’llalways keep finding things you want to change. That ‘s okay. Just don’t let it stop you from showing off your new beautiful place! Your friends and family will not judge you for still having boxes to unpack, and if you’re lucky they’ll even help you. It will make life feel normal again and complete the evolution of your new space into a home.

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