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March 12, 2020

New Home Essentials

Buying your first home? There are a few things you’ll likely need to buy now that you are no longer renting! Owning a home is a fun & exciting time, and can be even easier when you have the proper tools!

1. Flashlight: Important for unexpected power outages, or projects around the house. Handheld flashlights are a great option for handy projects or to have on hand in the basement, and an LED lantern is great to have on hand for a home power outage.

2. Toolbox: Always good to have on hand for a quick repair (& now that you don’t have a landlord to fix that squeaky door). Consider what tools you need, & what projects you are comfortable fixing on your own. A list of the top reviewed starter toolkits can be found here

3. Lockbox/Safe: To keep your most valuable items safe invest in a secure lockbox. Ensure you record & secure the code to your safe prior to loading it with important items.

4. Fire Extinguisher: Stay safe in the event of a fire in your home. You can find a full guide on choosing & using a fire extinguisher from the US Fire Administration.

5. Plunger: For those annoying clogs, purchasing both a toilet plunger & a sink plunger is ideal for keeping your home plumbing up & running.

6. Extra Set of Keys: You can easily make a copy at Home Depot or Lowes. Make sure you give an extra set to a friend or family member in the event you get locked out of your home!

7. Garage Door Opener: Convenient so you don’t have to get out of your car, especially during cold winter months. Your home will likely come with one, but you may want an additional opener if you have multiple vehicles.

8. Garden Hose: To keep those plants healthy & hydrated! If your home does not already come equipped with a garden hose you can find multiple great options at Home Depot.

9. Lawn Mower: Keep your yard trimmed & enhance your homes curb appeal. What lawn mower you purchase will heavily depend on the size of your yard. You will likely want a riding mower if you have a large plot of land, or a walking mower if you have a smaller easier to navigate yard.

10. Blinds/Drapes: To keep the light out, and to add some flair to your home. You will want to first measure all windows you are looking to cover, and then head to your local hardware store, or have your blinds/drapes custom made.

11. Batteries: It is always a good idea to have a stash of batteries on hand just in case.  We recommend stocking up on AA & AAA batteries, and to skip out on the cheaper alkaline batteries for reliability in case of emergency.

12. Toilet Paper: Something that likely isn’t top of mind, but definitely necessary when moving into a new home! Be sure to pack up your extra rolls from your old home, and stock up your new bathrooms!

13. A Welcome Mat: To make your house start to feel like home, and to avoid tracking in mud on that clean floor. Some great customer welcome mats can be found handmade on Etsy.

14. Sprinklers: To keep your grass hydrated during hot summer months along with your new garden hose! We recommend a pulsating sprinkler for large yards, and a stationary sprinkler for smaller gardens or patches of yard.

15. Lightbulbs: For all of your lamps & overhead lighting. Determine whether you are looking for a warmer light (usually used in a living space or bedroom), or a cooler light (normally used in bathrooms). There are also multiple great environmentally friendly bulb options.