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February 28, 2020

Eco-Friendly Moving Tips

Using sustainable practices while moving is just one of the ways you can help the environment during the new home process. We’ve compiled a list of simple tips to help make your move more eco-friendly.

Keep Old Boxes

Buying a new home on the horizon? One of the earliest things you can do to prep is by saving boxes! Also ask your friends whom have moved in the past if you can repurpose their boxes!

Utilize Containers You Already Own

Use those plastic bins sitting in your basement, that box from your tv that you never got rid of, or your reusable grocery bags or duffle bag  to help move items with ease. One of the best ways to build a more sustainable lifestyle is not buying new. Be sure if you do utilize any disposable item such as plastic grocery bags or boxes to recycle them in the proper manner.

Declutter the Sustainable Way

Avoid throwing away at all costs. Donate items to local shelters, goodwill, or drop boxes in your area that feel like they can be reused. Compost any food or perishable items you won’t bet taking with you, and recycle anything that is able to be recycled. One fun task while moving is decluttering & looking to how you can repurpose those times. Old cell phone in your junk drawer? Let the kids use it as a play phone. There are some great repurposing ideas on Pinterest to inspire while you declutter!

Use Eco-Friendly Packing Material

Eliminate styrofoam from your packing plan to become more sustainable, and avoid any plastic based wrapping (i.e bubble wrap). You can find eco-friendly alternatives to packing peanuts, and bubble wrap on Amazon!