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November 11, 2020

100 Things to Do When You Move Into a New Home

Your move has finally been completed and now you’re in your new home, but now what? There’s plenty to do after the move has commenced to get your home up and running, an we’ve compiled our list of a hundred things to do when you move into your new home to help see you through!

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1. Take Inventory of Your Moving Boxes: To be sure all of your items made it home safely!

2. Inspect Your Moving Boxes: Does anything look like it opened during transit, or broke? Be sue to check so you can file a claim with your moving company if needed.

3. Set Up Your Electricity: Call your power company to get those lights turned on, or call your personalized MoveEasy moving concierge for a quick and easy set up!

4. Do a Walkthrough: Walk through your empty new home and confirm any repairs you have requested have been made, and everything is still in woking order!

4. Set Up Your Gas: Get your heat working properly by calling up your local gas company, or real your personalized MoveEasy moving concierge for a quick and easy set up!

5. Childproof: If you have any little ones be sure to apply plug guards, child locks and remove any choking hazards around the home.

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6. Set Up Your Water: Call your local water company, or let MoveEasy do it fo you!

7. Locate Your Fuse Box & Water Valve: You’ll want to know whee both are in case of an emergency!

8. Connect any Major Appliances: Hooke up your refrigerator, washer and dyer, etc. to get your home in woking order.

9. Unpack the Essentials: This may include bedding, towels, etc. to allow your new home to become livable for your first few days.

10. Stock the Fridge: Take an unpacking break and head to the grocery store so you can have a few meals in your new space!

11. Don’t Forget the Bathroom Essentials: Be sure to stock up on some toilet paper, hand soap and other bathroom necessities as well.

12. Petproof: If you’re moving with a furry friend be sure to pet proof your new space with gates, crates, etc. as needed.

13. Get Cleaning: There’s no better time to deep clean a home than when your first move in! Grab your cleaning supplies and go by room.

14. Locate Important Documents: Store important documents (i.e social security cards, birth certificates, etc.) in a safe space post move.

15. Change Your Locks: It’s always a good idea to change your locks when you move in for an extra level of security. This can be done yourself, or through a locksmith.

16. Install Your Home Security: Let MoveEasy organize your full installation by researching the best company for your specific needs.

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17. Make Copies of Your Keys: Disperse these to trusted family members or friends.

18. Hide a Spare Key: No one wants to be locked out of their home. Find a safe and secure hiding spot for your spare key just in case.

19. Test Your Smoke Detectors: Be sure your home is prepared for an emergency by testing all of the smoke detectors in your home.

20. Test Your Carbon Monoxide Detectors: Similar to your smoke detectors, you’ll want to test your carbon monoxide detectors to ensure the safety of your family.

21. Register Your Car: Be sure your cars registration is updated to reflect your new address.

22. Update Your Drives License: Update your address on your drivers license to get all of your personal documents in order.

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23. Plan Your Room Layout: Plan out the layout of each room prior to moving the furniture so you only have to move it once!

24. Paint the Walls: If needed, we recommend doing this prior to moving your furniture. Do it yourself or let MoveEasy find you the perfect painter.

25. Set Up Your Furniture: Get each room ready to go and place your furniture!

26. Finish Unpacking: Finish unpacking those moving boxes to clear some space in your new home.

27.  Recycle Your Packing Supplies: Recycle boxes and any packing materials inside of your boxes. Hold onto a few if needed for storage.

28. Return Borrowed Items: Return anything you borrowed to help facilitate your move back to your friends and family.

29. Set Up Your Thermostat: Get your home to the temperature you want and schedule your heat/air conditioning.

30. Replace the Toilet Seats: This is a good idea for sanitary reasons, and can also help elevate your bathrooms look.

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31. Install Your Window Treatments: Hang any blinds or curtains that need to go up for privacy and to help regulate your homes temperature.

32. Replace any Old Air Filters: This will help extend the life of your air conditioner, and keep the air in your home cleaner.

33. Make a Maintenance Checklist: Jot down any repairs that you know need done to the home and put them in priority order for easy reference later.

34. Hang Mirrors, Pictures, etc. : After you paint your walls get all of your wall hangings up! Don’t forget your stud finder and your level!

35. Mow the Lawn: The yard may have been overlooked admits the previous home owners leaving, be sure to get that grass cut to keep your lawn maintained.

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36. Hook Up Your Garden Hose: Be sure you can water your plants by hooking up your hose.

37. Find Your Bank: It’s a good idea to determine your new bank prior to moving. Be sue to locate your closest bank and ATM.

38. Develop an Emergency Plan: Incase of inclement weather or a fire. Be sure to run through this plan with your children as well.

39. Put Together a First Aid Kit: Stock up on bandages, disinfectant wipes and other necessary emergency medical items.

40. Locate Your New Doctor: Similar to your bank, we recommend determining your new doctor prior to your move. You should be familia with the location of their office in case of an emergency.

41. Make an Emergency Contact List: Be sure your children are familiar with the contacts in case of an emergency

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42. Check the Mailbox: Any old mail from the previous owners should be forwarded.

43. Get Your Cable Set Up: Give your preferred cable company a call, or let MoveEasy do it for you!

44. Set Up Your Recordings: Now that your cable is in order don’t forget to reschedule all of your favorite recorded shows for later.

45. Get Your Internet Set Up: Similar to your cable company, give your internet provider a call or let MoveEasy do it for you to give you some time back!

46. Find a Home for Your Internet Router: We recommend a central location in the home for the best results.

47. Make the Beds: Now that your linens are all unpacked make all of the beds in your new home.

48. Purchase a Fire Extinguisher: To keep your home safe in the event of a fire.

49. Meal Prep: Prep a few meals for the next few days while you continue to get your home in working order.

50. Take a Break: You deserve it! Set aside a few hours to relax amidst the chaos.

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51. Hang Up Your Clothes: Get your closet organized by rehanging all of your clothes.

52. Test the Hot Water: Run the shower or the sink to be sure your hot water is functioning properly.

53. Get Your Pet Acclimated: Take your pup for a stroll around the neighborhood to get them used to the new sights and smells.

54. Find Your New School: Transferring your child to their new school should be done prior to the actual move, but finding the best route to their new school is a great way to get acclimated!

55. Get Your Garage Door Opener Working: Test any out left behind by the previous owner, or get new ones made.

56. Sweep Out the Garage: The garage is often overlooked as far as cleaning goes, but getting it nice and clean prior to stocking it is a great way to keep it well maintained.

57. Set Up Your Streaming: Set up any streaming devices on your T.V for Netflix, Hulu, etc.

58. Locate Your Trash Bin/Recycling Bin: Be sure you find these before you need them! These may be in the garage, or on the side of the house.

59. Figure Out Trash Day: Find out what day waste management comes to pick up your trash so you can be prepared!

60.  Get Your Grill Set Up: Set up your grill out back for an easy summer meal.

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61. Set Up Your Patio Furniture: Create an outdoor escape for you and your family and get your patio chairs and table set up.

62. Get Planting: Plant any flowers, bushes, etc. to start maximizing your curb appeal.

63. Install Lightbulbs: Double check all of the lights in the home and make sure none of them need replaced. Be sure to check your lights outside as well!

64. Join Nextdoor: Keep up on local neighborhood happenings by downloading the Nextdoor app.

65. Find a Spot for Your Safe: Locate a secure location in your new home for your safe that is tucked away.

66. Check Out the Basement: Be sure to check through any crawl spaces for water or bugs as a second glance after your home inspection.

67. Spray For Bugs: Be sure to spray or put out any bug repellent when moving in to avoid a future problem!

68. Get Familiar with your HOA: Be sure you know all of the tools and regulations in regards to your Home Owners Association (i.e shed regulations, mailbox colors, etc.)

69. Get Filing: Along with your important documents that should be unpacked first thing, continue to organize any additional documents in your desk or filing cabinet.

70. Find the Best Takeout: Use an app like Yelp to help locate some great takeout options while you get settled in.

71. Locate the Closest Grocery Store: In case of any quick errands that need to be made!

72. Transfer Your Prescriptions: You’ll want to be sure this is done ASAP for any medications that are a necessity to you or your family.

73. Confirm Your Pharmacy Location: Be sure you find a pharmacy that is convenient for prescription pickups.

74. Get a Welcome Mat: Avoid tracking mud into your new clean home, and add some character to that front porch!

75. Find the Post Office: It’s always a good idea to know where your local posts office is located in the event you need to mail any packages.

76. Set Up Your Utility Payments: Now that you have your utilities in your new home set up be sure to set up your payments with autopay.

77. Wash Your Dishes: It’s a good idea to rinse your dishes prior to putting them in your cabinets from any dust or dirt collected during the move.

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78. Find a Babysitter: If you are relocating to a new city, or don’t have family around it’s a good idea to have a babysitter on deck just in case. Check out sites like for great recommendations.

79. Wash Your Towels: Similar to your dishes, you may want to run your towels through the washer to be sure they’re clean before use!

80. Stock Your Toolbox: Be sure to restock on screws, nails, etc. after moving as you’ve probably used a lot of them during your move!

81. Transfer Any Subscriptions: Confirm any subscription boxes or magazine subscriptions addresses are updated so they are delivered to your new home.

82. Send Out an Address Change Update: This is a fun way to make sure your friends and family have your new home address!

83. Transfer Your Medical Records: Have your former doctor send these over to your new primary care physician so all medications, shot records, etc. are up to date for your new doctor.

84. Find a Dentist: Not to be overlooked is your dentist! Check out online reviews or get some local recommendations to find the perfect family dentist for your family.

85. Explore Some Local Parks: Find the best green space in town for you and your family to take a stroll or have a picnic!

86. Grab a School Schedule: Familiarize yourself with your schools upcoming breaks or sports schedules.

87. Find a Veterinarian: Similar to your family doctor, it’s always recommended to find a new vet prior to your move. Be sure to know where they are located in case of an emergency.

88. Stock Up on Cleaning Supplies: Now that you’ve cleaned the home when you moved in you’ll know what items you’ll need, and what items you can forego.

89. Test Out Your Fireplace: Whether it’s gas or wood burning check out your fireplace to ensure it’s in working order.

90. Reset All Of Your Clocks: Be sure to double check all of your appliances after moving to make sure they reflect the correct time, especially if you’re moving somewhere in a new timezone!

91. Confirm Your Insurance: Confirm your home owners insurance, car insurance, etc. has your new updated address and is in working order.

92. Check the Attic: Do a quick check on your attic to confirm the insulation looks goods and there are no water leaks.

93. Find a Dog Walker: If your pup is used to some daily exercise while you’re at the office be sure to find a new trusted pet walker with an app like Rover.

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94. Update Your Shipping Address: Make sure you update your addresses for any online shopping accounts like Amazon to be sure your packages arrive at the right place!

95. Find a Local Coffee Shop: Know where to grab a quick brew when you need one before work!

96. Explore Local Activities: Check out your townships event calendar for any festivals, farmers markets, etc. that may be coming up!

97. Add Your Final Decorative Touches: Put out your candles, fresh flowers and final touches to make your house feel like home.

98. Meet Your New Neighbors: Get socializing and meet your new neighbors! This feels more natural right after you move in and shows off your families good manners.

99. Throw a HouseWarming Party: Celebrate your new home with friends and family for a fun get together.

100. Leave Reviews: For your moving company, your realtor, or any other services you used during your move.

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