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Order Packing Supplies

There are a lot of ways to get your hands on boxes, tape and other materials you need for your move. Make a list of all the supplies you require and check them off as you go. It’s wise to start colleting packing materials months prior to moving. Here are some efficient ways to get the supplies you need.

Eco Smart Boxes
Online stores like Eco Smart Boxes has kits available for your moving and storing needs. You can purchase individual sets of items or kits that include: boxes, moving blankets, bubble wrap, labels, and more. This a good option for first time movers that don’t have a gage for how much storage they will ultimately need to complete their move. These stores are a wonderful tool to get advice for how much material you will need and can ship it to you in a matter of days, no problem.

Ask your employer
Most workplaces receive shipment in weekly and go through cardboard boxes like crazy. Ask your work if you can start collecting the cardboard for a few weeks leading up until your move. Most employers don’t mind but do check with them first. They might have some stipulations on what and exactly how much you can take and may like to keep track of it.

On top of this, ask your coworkers for supplies. They may have moving sliders from previous moves or packing tape they no longer need.

Go to your local post office
Much like your employer, post offices go through a lot of cardboard as well. We’re not saying to purchase the boxes they use to ship your mail. Instead, ask an employee if they dispose of their cardboard in any specific manner and if you are allowed to use any materials. Depending on where you’re located, this may be no problem and a cost efficient way to get your hands on some boxes.

Moving company
If you’re using a professional moving company, ask them if they have materials that they sell for moving. In fact, they may have a specific way they would like for you package specific valuables. They also may have moving sliders you can borrow.

The store
The most obvious way to obtain packing supplies is to visit the store. Surprisingly, places like Wal-Mart sell untouched cardboard boxes. They also have a lot of the other basic supplies you require to move.

Use as many of your personal carriers to move things as well. For example, suitcases or plastic tubs work just fine. Don’t wait until last minute to obtain the equipment you need to move.

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