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How to Structure Your Day in Real Estate

Being your own boss definitely has its benefits. You are able to wake up, start your day, take breaks, schedule appointments and end your day whenever you want. With that said, it’s hard to be disciplinary of your own schedule and overall work ethic. Taking the time to actually structure your day will help you further your success as a real estate agent.

Set a reasonable time to sit down at your desk every day. If you wish you could start work at 8:00 am but know realistically that won’t happen because you may have to get the kids ready in the morning or go to yoga at 7:00, then schedule it at 9:00. If you start your workday later, be mindful that you should end your day later too. Even though you don’t have to manually clock-in or out, your scheduled time should be considered a vital appointment that you cannot show up late to.

In the morning, make a numeral goal of phone calls to make. A goal of 30 phone calls in the morning is ideal, even if it’s just leaving a voicemail. Whether it is following up with past clients or potential new buyers, make time to connect with them and strengthen your relationships.

Use your afternoon for signings, showings, or other appointments. Write down a time schedule or sync the calendar in your phone to ensure you wont forget or be late. Rescheduling appointments can potentially lose you business, so it is important to be punctual.

Beause you are your own boss, it can be easy to clock out of your day early. You should be working a minimum of 8-hour days. This is very doable. Before clocking out of your day, update your schedule and respond back to any emails or phone calls.

Give yourself some much-needed downtime or spend the evenings with family. Work should be balanced and not consume your life. Get to sleep at a reasonable time so you can give your maximum effort the following day.

Real estate is a great field for people that desire a flexible schedule, but with that comes a lot of responsibility and self-discipline. The best way to stay on top of yourself and be a better agent is to create a timeline and stick to it.

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