How to Share Housing Responsibilities with Roommates

Roommates are sometimes challenging. Even if you’re blessed with awesome roomies, it can still be awkward when discussing bills and chores. There is no perfect way to go about dividing responsibilities but we have some tips to minimize the tension.

Sit down with your roommates
Schedule a meeting with your roommates before the lease and discuss how everyone would prefer to split up bills and chores.

When it comes to dividing up utilities, do not have a single person’s name on all the accounts. If someone ends up being a bad seed and not paying their share, the roommate with the name on the account will receive all the fines. Evenly disperse each roommate’s name on an account. Have a community calendar in the living room or kitchen with the dates of when each bill is due. Also, download the app Venmo to easily transfer money to each other.

Another method to pay bills is to create a bank account for your home. Have each roommate pay a set amount at the beginning of the semester or year and withdrawal all the bills from this account accordingly. This method does run more risks if you don’t necessarily trust a roommate but it eliminates the hassle of having to write checks for each other each month. It’s also an efficient way to avoid the fight over who should pay for things such as toilet paper, paper towels, soap, etc. This can be used as a communal account to pay for such items.

Some roommates have no problem when it comes to sharing chore responsibilities. That isn’t always the case for some homes. It may seem a tad elementary, but make a chore chart with your roommates. Rotate responsibilities like taking out the trash, running the dishwasher, cleaning the bathroom, etc. and set a day that they must be completed by each week.

Be honest
If you are unable to complete a chore this week or perhaps you feel a roommate is not doing his or hers fair share, be open about it. It will avoid passive aggressive comments in the future and your roommates will ultimately appreciate you for being honest. This will keep you from suppressing your feelings and saying something you may eventually regret. Also, chances are another roommate feels the same way or may have a similar issue with you and that is quite all right! We’re all human, we’re not perfect, and we shouldn’t expected to be the perfect roommates 24/7, but we surely can do our best to be a quality one.

Be realistic
As we said, we are not perfect. So be mindful that everyone’s style of living is different and your roommates are going through their own journey. Your family probably didn’t approve of all of your living habits, but that didn’t mean they were going to move out or evict you from your home. You guys worked past it and moved on. Roommates should be treated the same.

Divide responsibilities and bills up evenly, feel comfortable enough to confront your roomies and be understanding. All of these things will help you live happily with your roommates in your quaint home.

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