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How to Make Your Home More Green

We are all aware of the growing concern for our planet’s well being. We assume that if you’re reading this that you yourself want to become more environmentally conscious. It’s nearly impossible to list every single way to make your home more energy efficient with all the innovative ways to do so and our progressive technology. With that said, we have compiled a list of what we believe are some of the simplest ways to make your home more green.

It’s the easiest way out there to make a huge difference in our environment. If you don’t already have a separate bin for your recyclable waste it is time to get one! Check with your local waste management services how to obtain a recycling bin and they will deliver you one personally.

Perhaps you already recycle but I’m sure there are lots of things you were unaware of that you can recycle and haven’t. Also, there are sometimes weird stipulations when it comes to recycling. Did you know some cities don’t recycle plastic bottles that have a cap because it may damage their machines and it takes too much time to remove each one individually?  Unfortunately, a lot of people are unaware of what their city accepts and doesn’t accept. Research your area to see what ways you can recycle even better.

Reusable > plastic
Going off of plastic bottles, what are you doing still using them? Stray away from plastic water bottles or Styrofoam coffee cups. (Styrofoam is awful on our environment because it can’t be recycled or broken down.) Invest in tumblers and water Britta’s. The excuse of not liking faucet water is no longer an excuse when we have dozens of ways to filter it. Also, most coffee chains nowadays offer refillable mugs and often offer them at cheaper prices than purchasing a new cup every time.

Another way to cut back on plastic is to purchase green grocery bags. They can be found in almost any grocery store or even stores like T.J. Maxx near the cash register. They’re larger than your standard plastic/paper grocery bag and can withstand a lot more weight. Not only does it keep you from wasting paper or plastic, most stores give customers a tax break when they bring their own bags.

Energy-saving bulbs
Although energy saving light bulbs are more expensive than regular bulbs, they will save you money on your energy bill. Not only that, but they last longer. They’re mercury free and emit less heat.

Check out energy saving lamps as well. Instead of burning through your overhead lights, simply turn on one lamp.

Towels over Paper
Invest in cleaning and dish towels as well as cotton napkins. Stop using paper towels every time you make a mess, clean your windows, or need to wipe your mouth. It is so much unnecessary paper wasted. It cuts back on waste and could also give your home a bit of appeal. Dinner napkins are viewed as being higher status than a paper napkin. Also dishtowels are an easy way to decorate your kitchen. Two benefits for the price of one!

Heat & cool your home alternatively
Constantly having the air or heat on in your home is a major waste of money and energy. Add or take off layers to avoid using your air system. Open windows, turn on fans, or add rugs to wooden floors to obtain more heat/cool down. If our ancestors could survive the Blizzard of ’88, you can survive a couple nights without a cooling or heating system.

*Changing energy sources
As a bonus, we added the possibility of changing your energy sources. We’re aware this could be an expensive alternative but it is something to consider. Coal is a dying business and we should be taking advantage of the rising alternative fuel economy. Research and speak to people that have made the change to alternative energy methods and discuss the costs and benefits.

st a small way to make a difference in your home. Take the time to explore other ways to cut back and live more sustainable.

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