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How to Land the Rental of Your Dreams

Getting the apartment of your dreams can be tricky. Some markets are seriously competitive. You think you finally found the perfect one and unfortunately the property manager decides to choose someone else. Well we’re here to change that. We have the inside scoop to make sure your soon to be landlord chooses you to take over the lease.

Treat it like an interview
A showing really is the equivalent to a job interview. Show up on time and dress appropriately. The landlord is going to choose someone they feel is responsible and will be the best possible renter.

Also ask the right questions. The property manager will appreciate the fact you are taking the property seriously.

Come with paperwork
Apartments can go fast! Bring copies of all of your paperwork to the showing to get a head start. This includes a state issued ID, resume, proof of employer, past renter history. It may seem odd to bring a work resume to your property showing, but the landlord may use it as a resource for recommendations. Again, it also proves that you are taking the lease seriously when you come so prepared.

Have a good record
Probably the most important factor when deciding on a renter is he or she’s past rental history, criminal history, and credit score.

A lot of rental companies have a strict no eviction policy. They have access to your past records when you apply for one of their spaces. It is perfectly legal for them to deny you on the account of being evicted in the past.

In addition to seeing your rental history, they also review any criminal records. If you have obtained any offenses, be honest and open in the beginning. This is not a deal breaker for renters and they would much rather you explain the circumstances in advance. Trust us, they’ll eventually find out when they run your background check, so don’t assume you can hide it.

Lastly, have a good credit score. It is possible to not have any credit history and that is quite all right. Pay your bills on time and have a steady source of income. If a property owner has doubts about your capability of paying rent on time, more than likely they will not rent to you.

Continue to be a good renter
In general, just be a quality renter. Pay your bills on time, keep the space clean, and don’t be disruptive to the neighbors. If you do that, you will have no problem landing a great apartment or condo and keeping it.

Just remember that property owners do have the right to request a leave or eviction at any point if you do in fact break the lease. But we know, this will not be the case because you have all the right tools to be a great renter and land the space of your dreams!

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