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How to Keep a Vacant Home Safe

Whether you are moving or leaving for vacation, there are several steps you need to take before leaving your home empty for an extended period of time. Even if you didn’t leave valuables behind, there are things to consider like pipes bursting or unfortunately people breaking in and trashing the place. Follow our simple guidelines to keep your home protected.

Make a list
First things first, create a list of things you need to do before leaving your property vacant. Don’t check anything off until they ‘re complete like checking if windows are locked or turning the water heater to “vacation” mode, etc. This will ensure you won’t forget anything if you find yourself in a rush.

Contact a neighbor
Ask a neighbor you trust to look over the place while you’re gone. Tell them to report anything they find suspicious. They could be the single thing to stop your home getting broken into or being burned down because of a gas leak. Although it sounds extreme, a friendly neighbor really makes a difference.

Although it isn’t as cost efficient, consider buying an alarm system. It may not warn you of any potential home damage but could scare away potential burglars.

Thermostat with Wifi
Thanks to the Internet, a lot of modern thermostats are able to hook up wirelessly to your cellular device. With the help from an app, you can control the temperature of your home no matter where you are in the world. Sometimes we forget to turn the heat on and a cold front comes through. Don’t fret about potential pipes freezing, just simply login to your phone and adjust the thermostat.

Installing lights in the front and back yard can deter animal and human predators away. They’re less likely to try any funny business if they are more likely to get seen. Having a well-lit property will also help your neighbor be able to see any suspicious activity.

Lights with timers in the inside of your home are also a wise idea. It gives the illusion that someone is home.

Strong locks
Investing in quality locks is never a bad idea whether you are home or not. A door with a worn lock can easily be targeted. Consider using electronic keypads. Also don’t leave the door leading into your home from your garage unlocked just because your garage door is closed. It is not impossible to open a garage door manually.

These suggestions could come across a bit intense but your safety and your home’s safety is important. It’s better to be over cautious than sorry later.

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