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Getting Back into Real Estate: 3 Step Checklist

Written by MoveEasy

There are no two ways about it. Real estate can really burn you out, and it isn’t an uncommon practice for agents to work a handful of decades (maybe less) and then put their license on hold and take a break for a bit.

Getting back into the game involves basically the same practices we outlined in our post on beginning your real estate career with a few additional steps.

1) Utilizing CE (continuing education) Classes

Your real estate broker might already require the completion of these classes, and may provide the course(s) online through their own website. If not, you can complete continuing education classes at a local business school that offers the appropriate programs. Other real estate brokers might not require CE classes, but might strongly advise a few electives before getting back on the horse.

2) Get the Word Out

Reach out to your sphere of influence to let everyone know that you’re back in the game. Do this through your social media channels, a blog, email blasts and even calling old clients–this is also a nice way to ask for referrals or potential new leads.

3) Renew Real Estate License

This is the most necessary step of all. No real estate license, no work. Be sure to have your license renewed through your local licensing bureau.

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