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Begin Packing Things You Don’t Usually Use

Begin Packing Things You Don’t Usually Use

The easiest way to start packing for a move is by putting away items you don’t use often. Still be efficient and categorize your belongings by room, but if you want to get a jump-start on certain spaces, go ahead and identify the items you hardly use in that space.

Things to pack first
If you haven’t used an item in the past month, go ahead and pack it. Chances are you won’t miss it while it sits in a box. Also pack anything that you may have an extra of lying around like bathroom towels. Other things to consider packing first are:

  • Out of season clothes
  • Decorations
  • Awards/trophies
  • Pictures
  • DVDs/movies
  • Candles
  • Books

These are items you can get by without using for weeks at a time.

When you begin putting away items you hardly use, still keep them organized and wrapped safely. You have chosen to keep these belongings and bring them with you to the next house, so they must be of some importance. Just be mindful of what you really need and don’t need to get by these days leading up to the move.

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