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Bad Neighbor Stories

Bad Neighbor Stories


Ahh, neighbors. Some of us are lucky to have spectacular neighbors that even eventually become our pals. However, that isn’t always the case. We asked around to hear about peoples’ funniest, weirdest, or worst neighbor experiences and the following were definitely the best! Grab the popcorn and enjoy.

When I was little my mom walked into my brother’s room to find one of the neighbor kids in nothing but his underwear spear fishing in our fish tank with a wire hanger.
-Aubree H

Our neighbors that lived above us in college were drinking and fell through the ceiling into our apartment.
-Morgan B

The first night we moved into our new place, the neighbor introduced herself in a see-through nightgown. A couple of weeks later she took my roommate’s dog from our front yard because “dogs shouldn’t be on leashes”. She ended up being arrested not long after for something unrelated but she was definitely crazy.
-Jamie C

We have a notoriously horrible neighbor. She’s an older woman that creepily stares out her window at all of us and despises everybody that lives on our cul-de-sac. She would park her car in between her house and ours so guests couldn’t use the spot. One day our other neighbor forgot to put his truck’s parking break on and out of everywhere it could have it rolled, it went right into her BMW! Karma at its finest.
-Lisa H

We had a neighbor that liked to cross-dress (no judgment). What was stranger is that he also had a pet horse in his backyard. One day it got loose and he had to chase it around the neighborhood dressed as woman.
-Carly G

About a month after my girlfriend and I moved into our apartment, a note was left on our neighbor’s door (who had moved in the same time as us from out of state) claiming that he owed someone thousands of dollars and if he didn’t pay there would be serious consequences. Turns out it was intended for the previous tenant. Nothing ended up happening but we stayed at our parent’s house that night just to be safe!
-Colin S

If you have a funny story about a bad neighbor experience leave it in the comments below!

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