June 15, 2023

MoveEasy is now LiveEasy!

Today, I’m thrilled to share that we’ve made some big changes: as we’re officially making a foray into new spaces, we’ve rebranded our company to LiveEasy.

Ten years ago Niraj and I started MoveEasy with a simple vision of connecting consumers with moving companies. Soon we grew to providing a full service moving concierge to buyers and sellers through our real estate agent partners helping with all aspects of the move, not just with finding moving companies but also setting up their utilities, internet & cable, home security and more. But as time passed, we started getting more and more questions both from our partners and other companies who wanted to partner with us. “Could you help our clients after they’ve moved?” “What about people who already own a home and aren’t moving?” “I work only with renters - can they use your services?” “I just want to use your internet service on my website - can you help us?” “I am not a real estate agent - can I still use your services?”

We heard you! Starting today, we’re rolling out two new platforms for our community, and have enhanced how you can integrate with us, enabling anyone working with buyers, sellers, homeowners or renters to use our services, and providing your clients with an unparalleled moving and home management experience. 

This also brings us much closer to our larger vision - LiveEasy intends to be the go-to platform for Americans to manage their home-related expenses and services, gain better visibility into their largest financial asset or to build towards a future home while renting, and connect them with businesses and professionals throughout the lifetime of their home journey. 

And as a result of this expansion, we’ve also moved from MoveEasy to LiveEasy to better align with the full array of our products and services. 

All of these changes have been a massive effort, but one that we felt was only natural given our commitment to our partners. Our north star has always been to continue to provide the best services possible for you, so you in turn can provide a world class service to your clients. And this means continuing to deliver more value for both consumers and businesses.  

One thing I’ve realized – and I’m sure you have too – is how blended the worlds of buying, selling, renting and homeownership has become these days. So many consumers are all of these at once – buying one house, selling another, temporarily renting a property while renovating their forever home, you name it. So it only made sense for us to double down on this reality, look ahead, and innovate. 

Since the day we founded the company, we’ve always strived to be on the cutting edge of innovation and today, with our Homeownership and Rental dashboards, I believe we’ve made our biggest stride yet.

Homeownership and Rental Dashboard Features

We launched our Homeownership dashboard as a beta back in October 2022, and these last eight months have been a huge success. So today, I’m thrilled to say that whether you are a real estate broker, a real estate agent, a mortgage company or a loan officer, an insurance company or an insurance agent, a relocation company, a software company helping buyers, sellers, or homeowners, you can now access the Homeownership dashboard to engage with and help any consumer in your sphere. 

The Homeownership Dashboard retains many of the same core functionalities and features as the Moving Dashboard – offering localized products and services central to their unique living experiences – as well as highly customized features. All of it centers around wealth building and managing home equity. Here are some highlights:

  • Built-in financial tools and calculators to help homeowners understand their equity & HELOC situation, as well as real-time value of the home 
  • Real-time value of their home, access their mortgage information, and be instantly connected with a live representative to provide mortgage and refinancing advice. 
  • A project management tool to see which projects might increase their equity the most and which top rated home pros to hire  
  • In-app access to financing - to pay for remodels and renovations
  • A savings monitoring tool to ensure consumers are getting the best price possible for cable, internet, home security and more, in addition to discounts on home products and services

For Single and Multi-Family companies, property managers and companies servicing renters, our Renter Dashboard similarly offers customized services to renters that streamlines their needs, with an eye towards seamlessly bridging the gap from renter to homebuyer and gets those clients in your network for the long haul. These include:

  • Simplifying the move-in process - from reserving elevators, to managing security deposits and pet policies, to scheduling key pickups and walkthroughs
  • Handling the day-to-day requirements, like scheduling routine visits, maintenance / landscaping appointments and appliance care, and more
  • Regular cost-savings on various home services like cable, internet and more

So, with these new platforms, the company is far from just a moving services platform – it’s an all-in-one hub for everything your clients need related to their homes.

Configure LiveEasy exactly how you want

While we’re launching new dashboards, we also listened to your feedback about how to make the software itself work better for you. 

We’ve made a major update to all of our software, in regards to how our product can be integrated with your businesses. In addition to the fully hosted LiveEasy platform, now, we’re also giving you greater control over your client-facing websites with a new embeddable, modular set of product widgets as well as APIs, thus allowing you to take advantage of our entire product and enabling you to configure and customize the platform as you like. Whether you just want one tool from LiveEasy to enhance your platform for clients, or you want an entire platform with all the bells and whistles, you can pick what level of service you want and configure your customer-facing experience. This enables our partners to engage with their clients within their own user interface and flow, and move from a disconnected experience to a deeper relationship with lifelong connection to their consumer.

Making an Impact for Consumers and for Businesses

Finally, I wanted to share what impact our innovations have generated for you and for your clients. Our focus and commitment is on providing you and your customers with tangible, meaningful value – here’s just how much value we’ve delivered: 

  • In the last 18 months, we saved your clients a collective $9.8 million and 17,000+ hours of labor. 
  • In that same time frame, LiveEasy generated over $57M in business for its partners. 

Now, with the fully launched Homeownership and Renter Dashboards, our services address the 190M+ Americans owning or living in a home, with the potential to save them hundreds of millions of dollars. That’s a lot of value and reach that we’re excited to share with you, and in turn, share with your clients. 

We’re so thrilled to continue to have you as our supporters and partners, and I can’t wait to hear what you and your clients think of these new services. 


– Ven

MoveEasy is now LiveEasy!

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