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December 2, 2022

Introducing the new All Things Home Podcast

MoveEasy is proud to announce the launch of the All Things Home – a new podcast about the Real Estate industry and how many of us are navigating our way through it. We’ll talk about the latest industry trends, what new technology is available to help both agents and consumers, and have an honest conversation about Real Estate practices agents have become accustomed to over the last few years due to the changing market. We hope to pull back the curtain on the real estate industry so you can see what makes it work.

No podcast would be complete without some expert guests giving us their two cents. We are seeking out some of the leaders in the industry to share how they got into the industry, some of their expertise, and where they think the industry is headed. Real Estate has always been one of the largest levers in the American economy and we want to understand how to make those levers move. 

Our first episode is with Jason Schmit, Director of Business Development and Relocation at Home Services of Nebraska and Home Real Estate. He shares his story of how he got into Real Estate though a “School of Rock” camp he created, and how Real Estate agents can generate revenue outside of the transaction. Check it out anywhere Podcasts are available!

Introducing the new All Things Home Podcast

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