April 19, 2023

Inside The Homeowner's Journey - Helping homeowners in the process of finding their next home

There’s a lot that goes into selling and buying a new home. First-time buyers and even serial homebuyers are often overwhelmed by how long the process takes. Real estate agents play a key role in making the experience easier for clients, but let’s face it: not all approaches are created equal.

Here in part four of our Inside the Homeowner’s Journey blog series, we discuss how agents can deliver even more value to their clients throughout the process of selling and buying their new home.

Blog series at a glance

  • Part 1 – Help clients move and settle into their new home
  • Part 2 – Delivering value to clients and most common projects in years 1-3 (this post)
  • Part 3 – Helping homeowners increase the value of their home over time
  • Part 4 – Helping homeowners in the process of finding their next home

Creating a personalized home buying experience for every client

The ultimate goal of any client relationship is to drive loyalty, repeat business and referrals. Despite this, just 12% of homeowners work with the same agent again when it comes time to sell or buy a new home. 

While technology has made the home buying experience easier for buyers, that’s not the reason for the loyalty gap. The vast majority of people today work with an agent when selling or buying a home. They just choose to work with a different agent from one home to the next.

To build loyalty and repeat business in today’s market, agents need to make every aspect of the home buying and ownership process easier and create a personalized experience for every client. Solving for this challenge is the reason we created MoveEasy.

Available on white label basis to real estate partners, MoveEasy puts the entire home selling, buying and ownership journey in one place for clients. From closing documents and maintenance records to getting pre-approved on a loan, clients can now manage it all through the MoveEasy platform with their agent. 

MoveEasy is also built for collaboration. Agents can manage to-dos with their clients and keep them organized with reminders, research and insights to make the buying process easier. Clients can also receive pre-approval on a loan with direct integration with mortgage and loan providers. The platform will even surface recommended home repairs and savings based on the client’s home inspection report.

Empowering clients to build their home equity and wealth, while saving money

Featuring direct integration with hundreds of other service providers, MoveEasy provides homeowners with their own personalized dashboard. Clients can track their home value and equity, apply exclusive discounts with service providers across categories to save money, while seeing exactly how every home update they make improves their equity and net worth.

For home sellers and buyers, MoveEasy’s home valuation and equity tool provides clients with an instant and accurate snapshot of their home’s value and equity. Homeowners can also see a snapshot of their pending loan amounts alongside their monthly expenses and see what home loans or HELOC loans they pre-qualify for.

A cost of living and affordability calculator also allows home buyers to see what their estimated mortgage payment and monthly expenses would be for each property they are considering with their agent. From cable and internet, energy, utilities, transportation, groceries, restaurants, and more, clients can compare exactly what costs would be by neighborhood.

A monthly savings and project planner also gives clients new insights into how much a home improvement project such as a kitchen remodel, new HVAC system, or upgrading to solar energy will cost. In addition, agents can surface exclusive savings and insights for clients related to any project, delivering value across the entire homeownership journey.

Why this all matters

MoveEasy empowers agents to deliver more value to clients than ever before regardless of where they are in their homeownership journey - buying, selling, moving, or improving their home. This holistic approach puts real estate agents at the center of every home buying and management decision. It also drives a significant increase in qualified sales leads for our partners with stronger client loyalty and engagement.

Today more than 130,000 real estate agents and millions of homeowners use the MoveEasy platform. This includes leading national brokerages such as Berkshire Hathaway HomeServices, Century 21, RE/MAX, Howard Hanna, Schmidt Family of Companies, as well as regional partners who use MoveEasy to educate, empower and deliver value to clients.

Inside The Homeowner's Journey - Helping homeowners in the process of finding their next home

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