March 29, 2023

Behind the Scenes with MoveEasy’s Concierge Team - MoveEasy’s Process For Delivering Excellent Service

MoveEasy’s commitment to delivering stellar customer service has led to a 97% customer satisfaction rating. Achieving and maintaining this level of service is only possible because of the tireless efforts of our concierge team.

In this post, we discuss MoveEasy’s process and best practices for delivering excellent service – from how we empower our concierge team to how we apply feedback from clients to improve and deliver value to homeowners in new areas.

Being a trusted partner for homeowners 

Our mission at MoveEasy is to take all the overwhelming and stressful moments of being a homeowner and make life easier through technology and the support of a personal assistant. Day in and day out our concierge team strives to deliver on this mission.

Homeowners often face new or unfamiliar challenges when moving to a new area or starting a home improvement project. With experience helping clients with millions of requests, our team is knowledgeable and well versed on the best service providers and pricing across categories, allowing us to save homeowners time and money.

As MoveEasy concierge Jacoby Hughes shares, “when people are moving to a different state, they often don't know the utility, cable or Internet providers they should go with or what home security system will fit within their budget. So there’s a lot of questions about the different options available and what they can afford. We help them to research everything they need to know while saving them money.”

Values reinforce our mission

MoveEasy’s commitment to service is also reinforced by our company values which the concierge team helped to shape. Our core values include: communicating with transparency and integrity, creating meaningful relationships, and chasing excellence – going the extra mile to deliver value to clients.

“The thing I love most about what I do is helping people and providing a personal level of service”, notes Hughes. “We start fresh with every new client and take 30 to 45 minutes to do whatever they need to get done.”

In addition to the tireless work of our concierge team, we continue to evolve the MoveEasy platform to provide clients with intuitive self service tools - from our homeowner dashboard allowing people to discover and shop service providers across categories to our home valuation and equity planning tools.

Applying client feedback to improve our service

As consumers, we all know the impact personalized service and follow up by a company can make. MoveEasy’s concierge team is constantly looking for ways to improve the level of service we deliver clients on behalf of our real estate partners. When we receive a customer service rating that is anything below 4 stars, we immediately investigate the issue to see where the breakdown occurred and take action.

As Mike Papaleonardos, MoveEasy’s Vice President of Customer Care, notes “along with showing empathy and listening to homeowners, we act quickly to resolve any issue that comes up clients. With an average reply time of 27 minutes, this has been a key to building trust with real estate agents.”

Another key to success is following the three A’s formula. When a client service issue arises, the first step the team takes is to Acknowledge what happened and get crystal clear on the details. Next we Apologize to the client, and finally, we Act quickly to resolve the issue - whether its finding the client a better deal on a service provider or sending them a gift card.

In addition to conducting a customer satisfaction survey, the MoveEasy concierge team also meets weekly to review open tickets, brainstorm solutions to challenges clients are facing, while also sharing key learnings with the broader team. Ultimately, we want to uncover those hidden gems that help to improve the experience for clients over time, while also making client feedback in different areas actionable so our collective team can learn from it.

Empowering and rewarding our team

Happy employees make for happy customers. We empower and reward our concierge team for going above and beyond for clients, while also providing new opportunities for growth. In addition to specialists on our team that have deep expertise in different areas such as home security, home improvements or utilities, many folks across our broader team have started out on the concierge team and then been promoted to work in other areas as they progressed in their career.

Like clients, we also want every employee to feel appreciated and valued by our company. In contrast to other companies that outsource their customer service, everyone on the MoveEasy concierge team is a full time employee. In addition to full benefits, we also recognize great work by our team and individuals with monetary rewards, we also provide shopping discounts and giftcards via Nectar, our employee recognition platform. 

Our entire culture is built around rewarding great service and going the extra mile for clients, thereby improving loyalty and referrals for our real estate partners.

Behind the Scenes with MoveEasy’s Concierge Team - MoveEasy’s Process For Delivering Excellent Service

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