January 25, 2023

Behind the Scenes with MoveEasy’s Concierge Team - MoveEasy Commitment to Service Leads to 97% Client Satisfaction Rating

There’s a long list of items for homeowners to sort through when they move into a new home from hiring a moving service, filing a change of address, setting up cable and internet and hiring contractors to make initial repairs. When combined with other home improvements and maintenance, clients can quickly feel overwhelmed.

MoveEasy’s platform and concierge service was built from the ground up to help homeowners handle all of their moving and home management needs – while also providing them with a dedicated personal assistant available anytime via phone or text.

In part two of our series, we take a closer look at how the tireless work by our concierge team has fueled MoveEasy’s success.

Personal service starts with empathy

The guiding light for our concierge team and the reason they get up in the morning is empathy and compassion for clients.

“Our approach starts with The Golden Rule: treat others as you want to be treated,” notes Mike Papaleonardos, MoveEasy’s Vice President of Customer Care. “We strive to make life easier for homeowners, helping them save time and removing the stress of having to manage every home update on their own.”

The concierge team also strives to act as a trusted partner for clients, helping them solve problems. Challenges we tackle for clients run the gamut - from helping them find a general contractor to repair their roof or home renovation to filing a claim with a moving company for items damaged during their move.

“What I love most about my job is helping clients and finding solutions to their problems, while also making sure they feel heard and supported,” notes Alecia Fusco, a concierge team member. “Homeowners aren’t alone and we’re here with them throughout the process.”

Delivering cost savings to clients

Another key focus for the MoveEasy concierge team is applying their expertise to save clients money. Our team has experience setting up internet and cable, utilities, home security systems, converting homes to solar, and just about every other home-related service you can imagine. Clients no longer have to worry whether they are getting the best deal with a personal concierge working on their behalf.

“What I love most about what we do at MoveEasy is helping people and going above and beyond to save them money” shares Matt Brownfield on the concierge team. “It’s a great feeling when you’re able to save a client $100 on their Internet and cable bill.”

At the end of the day, clients want a partner that will give them personalized service, anticipate their needs, help them to make smart decisions as homeowners, while removing some of the complexity. 

“There is so much that we help homeowners coordinate,” said senior concierge Andrew Pritchard. “And there's a lot of unknowns, more than most people even know about. In addition to answering homeowner’s questions, we make sure they know what their options are at every step in the process, and I think that’s really valuable for people.”

Going above and beyond

The tireless efforts by our concierge team and commitment to service has led to a 97% customer satisfaction rating – with the vast majority of clients giving us a 4.7 out of 5 star rating or higher on average. 

A big reason for MoveEasy’s top service rating is our focus on helping clients with any moving or home-related need, even when it's an out of the ordinary request. 

“We’ve had clients ask us for help sell their car, buy new golf carts, move their horses across the country, and even schedule doctors appointments for their kids,” notes Papaleonardos. “Regardless of what the request is, we’re going to say yes, and do everything we can to make it a great experience.”

What homeowners are saying about MoveEasy

Here are just some of the stellar feedback MoveEasy’s concierge team has received from clients this year, leading to our 97% customer satisfaction rating:

“Absolutely a professional and positive experience! He made a potentially difficult process a productive and fun experience! He was thorough and left no stones unturned. Thanks for all your patience in answering our many questions. Thank you!” - Linda B.
“Extremely knowledgeable, helpful, anticipated questions we had and needed to ask, saved us money, pleasant, and relieved much anxiety in this life-changing move. We wish everyone had the benefit of experiencing his expertise.” - Greta C
“This service saved me so much stress from the process I am in with moving to another state! It was so easy and provided me a lot of security for my new home! They did an awesome job, I am very thankful!” - Tara H.
“Kenneth was a pleasure to work with today. He listened to my needs and concerns and provided what I deem to be excellent customer service. Moving is extremely stressful, but Kenneth helped me by staying very calm and stuck with me during and after my move. It made me feel secure.”
“Kenny was knowledgeable, courteous and wasted no time in setting up my new utilities, internet and security services. He offered help in a variety of other areas as well. Overall, a great experience.”

In part three of our series, we go behind the scenes to discuss MoveEasy’s process for delivering excellent service and how we apply feedback from clients and partners

Behind the Scenes with MoveEasy’s Concierge Team - MoveEasy Commitment to Service Leads to 97% Client Satisfaction Rating

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